5 Urban Myths In Regards To The United States Flag&Betsy Ross

5 Urban Myths In Regards To The United States Flag&Betsy Ross

We the everyone loves and honor the Stars and Stripes but have not learned its whole truth

A artwork by Jean Leon Gerome Ferris (circa 1920) of Betsy Ross and George Washington (far left)

Americans love our banner. We show it at concerts and stadiums to commemorate, as well as times of nationwide tragedy to demonstrate our resolve.

We now have our schoolchildren pledge allegiance to it; we now have consecrated it within our national anthem; we have actually a getaway, Flag Day, to honor it every June 14, also contain it on prominent display when it comes to Fourth of July.

Yet the iconography and reputation for the flag that is american particularly its very very very early history, are infused with misconception and misrepresentation. Listed here are five of the most extremely common urban myths.

Myth # 1: Betsy Ross made the initial flag that is american.

The Betsy Ross tale is considered the most tenacious bit of fiction concerning the banner. There merely is not any legitimate evidence that is historical letters, diaries, paper reports, bills of purchase — that Ross (then referred to as Elizabeth Claypoole) either made or had a hand in designing the US banner before it made its first in 1777.

The tale cropped up in 1870, nearly a century after the flag that is first supposedly sewn, whenever William Canby, Ross’ grandson, told the Historical Society of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia that their grandmother made the banner at George Washington’s behest. Continue reading “5 Urban Myths In Regards To The United States Flag&Betsy Ross”